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Greek Mythology: Home


Essential Question: Why is Greek mythology so influential in the world? How did it influence our modern world of story-telling?

You will choose a Greek god, goddess, or myth to research in small groups (3-4). Then set up and SHARE project on NoodleTools with group members and teacher. One group member will create a project and then share the project using collaboration mode with your  group members. Your citation style will be in MLA format. You and your team will research using at least three resources found on this LibGuide and library books.

Your project should in your own words- no plagiarism, no ChatGBT.
      - Include background information about the god/goddess/myth
      - What makes your god/goddess/myth unique
      - Retell the story about the god/goddess/myth

Vocabulary: research, source, annotation, cite, mythology, influence, modern, mythology

Choice Board Project Ideas

Trading Cards of characters Playlists that tells the story PowerPoint presentation
Write a play Interview a character Make a comic book
Make a game Trivia Pursuit Wanted Poster



Online Database Resources


eBooks on MackinVia and Follett

Odyssey (americas/library)