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Antigone: Home



You will create a brochure or PowerPoint about the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles.


  • The brochure will include six panels/slides: 1) title, name, period, image 2) works cited 3) biographical info on Sophocles 4) Elements of Greek tragedy 5) Tragedy within Antigone 6) Literary analysis of Antigone.
  • Use the Library resources below to assist you in the research process.
  • NoodleTools will be used to document your works cited and consulted.

Library Digital Resources:


“Antigone.” Learn360, Films Media Group, 1984, Accessed 18 Jan. 2022.

Antigone: The Woman Who Said No

“Antigone, The Woman Who Said ‘No’?The Great Greek Myths.” Learn360, Films Media Group, 2015, Accessed 18 Jan. 2022.

The Role of Theatre in Ancient Greece

“The Role of Theatre in Ancient Greece.” Learn360, Films Media Group, 1989, Accessed 18 Jan. 2022.



5 Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction. A) analyze isolated scenes and their contribution to the success of the plot as a whole in a variety of works of fiction; (B) analyze differences in the characters' moral dilemmas in works of fiction across different countries or cultures 

21 Research/Gathering Sources. (B) organize information gathered from multiple sources to create a variety of graphics and forms (e.g., notes, learning logs)

23 Research/Organizing and Presenting Ideas. (E) uses a style manual (e.g., Modern Language Association, Chicago Manual of Style) to document sources and format written materials.