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Famous Mathematicians: Project Assignment

Project Overview

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Project Instructions

You are to find the following information to your Mathematician:

Biographical Information: Where he was born, about his father and mother, where did he go to school, was he married, did he have any children, when and how did he die?

Contributions: What was his math contribution to the world (what was he known for)? You could have more than one contribution.

Famous Quotes: Write at least two quotes that your mathematician said during his lifetime.

Math Today: How are we using what your mathematician invented or discovered in today’s world?

***Any Other information that deals with math should also be included in your Power Point/Canva.***

Research Project Guidelines:

The PowerPoint/Canva must be at least 10 slides in total. The first slide will be your cover page (this slide will have the name of your mathematician and the names in your group). It must contain slide transitions (different ones). It must have a colored background (you must be able to read the font when you present, be careful not to place backgrounds with pictures that will be difficult to read the words that you typed). You must have a resource/citation slide (this will be your last slide of the PowerPoint/Canva). The resource slide tells me where you got all your information and pictures that you used in the presentation. There should be at least 1 picture on every slide. You will have one week to complete this assignment. It will be presented to the whole class by you and your partner(s).

List of Mathematicians

  1. Pythagoras

  2. Archimedes

  3. John Napier

  4. Galileo Galilei

  5. Pierre de Fermat

  6. Blaise Pascal

  7. Isaac Newton

  8. Leonhard Euler

  9. Carl Gauss

  10. Euclid of Alexandria

  11. Leonardo Fibonacci

  12. Albert Einstein

  13. Anders Celsius

  14. Christian Doppler

  15. Georg Ohm

Research Resources