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Summer Programs: Camp Lessons

Provides access to information on our K-12 library summer programs.

Day 1 Lessons


Closing Activity:

Read "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou out loud, as students listen to the poem, they should write words that jump out at them on a piece of paper to help them write their own poem.



Day 2 Lesson


What makes you unique?

Book Talk: PIECING ME TOGETHER by Renee Watson.

Creative Project: Introduce girls to Mickalene Thomas, a famous collagist, and have them create their own collage of what represents them and their interests.

"Like a Girl"

YOGA with Ms. Hardin

Day 3 Lesson

Affirmation:  We will not allow others to define who we are and mistreat us in any way.

Begin practice on what makes poetry important.

Visually represent lyrics of songs on female empowerment.

As a group, perform songs as an OPEN MIC

Example of an Open Mic poetry reading:



Day 4 Lesson

Write poetry to share or keep

Watch video