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World history information on Ancient China and it's social structures as well as government hierarchy.

Ancient China



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Terra-Cotta Warriors

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Mysteries of Ancient China

“This volume may be recommended as a comprehensive collection that helps readers understand the important cultural context of the liteary texts produced in China in the first half of the 20th century. The 32 translators have produced smooth and accurate rendering of 55 essays, most of which are here anthologized for the first time in English.”—Choice

Exploring the Life, Myth, and Art of Ancient China

This book is a comprehensive book about China's art, life, and culture. Using the latest discoveries by historians this book explores China's literature, music, religions, economy and cuisine.

China's Buried Kingdoms

This volume is one in a series that explores the worlds of the past, using the finds of archaeologists and other scientists to bring ancient peoples and their cultures vividly to life.

Ancient China

Explore Ancient Worlds helps upper elementary students do just that. From the secrets of Ancient Sparta to the influence of Ancient Athens, students will learn about the civilizations of their ancient ancestors.

The Ancient History of China

The books in this series will help students form an accurate, comprehensive, and balanced understanding of China as it emerges to be known as a superpower. By providing information on the country's history, geography, economy, politics, and culture, readers will learn about the world's longest continuous civilization.

The Civilization of Ancient China

China is a country full of culture, life, and history that spans centuries. Readers explore these elements of ancient China through its art. Bright, colorful photographs show artistic depictions of the life and culture of China and how it has changed through the centuries.

The Ancient Chinese

The emperor was at the top of society in ancient China. Nobles and civil servants tended to his needs and assisted in managing the government. The majority of people in ancient China were peasant farmers, merchants, and craft workers. The Chinese are credited with many important inventions, including the iron plow and magnetic compass. They also developed materials, such as silk and paper. Focusing mainly on the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties, this book explores ancient China through its social structure. It takes a look at its people and details the duties of an emperor, the activities of a merchant, and much more. It also describes some of the discoveries and writings that have led to our present-day understanding of this fascinating civilization. Book jacket.