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What is Creativity? Exploring the Art of Julie Speed: Home


Brainstorm/Answer these questions:

1. Who determines art is art?

2. What do you think qualifies as art?

3. What makes a piece of art creative? 


Final Task:

After exploring the El Paso Museum of Art and creating your own art, you will write an essay explaining about what is creativity.

Julie Speed, Texas Artist

Julie Speed's work came to national prominence in 1996, when her painting Setting the World on Fire appeared on the cover of singer Shawn Colvin's album A Few Small Repairs. Since then, her work has appeared in survey-length exhibitions in venues like the Austin Museum of Art. Speed's work includes paintings that wed surrealist and Renaissance elements and collages and sculptures that carry a potent fusion of Dada farce and Dali. Speed's work is her own and manifests a distinctly postmodern mode of expression, involving the inflection of diverse art historical dialects through the artists' unique experience and vision.



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