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Libertas Civics Camp 3.0: Home

This Lib Guide serves as a medium for students and teachers to access content material for the civics camp.

Thank you Hatton Sumners Foundation!

Thank you Hatton Sumners Foundation for making this year's camp possible! Without your support, we would not be able to provide our amazing students the opportunity to learn more about the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech provides for the existence of a diverse market place of ideas that is salient to the healthy sustenance of our nation and form of government. Within this market place, free individuals are able to engage and measure ideas that are different from their own thus allowing for falsehoods to be separated from fact.  Our camp will focus on the following six components: 

  1. know Supreme Court case law regarding Freedom of Speech issues
  2. understand the intersection and conflict between Freedom of Speech and other fundamental rights  
  3. examine legislation that seeks to limit or expand free speech rights in a variety of contexts
  4. apply their knowledge to novel factual scenarios regarding the Freedom of Speech
  5. practice case-briefing
  6. create and present a project that will be used to engage and educate the public with regard to Freedom of Speech.

Camp Itineraries

Student Surveys