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Libertas: Conservation and Recreation Plan for Lost Dog Trails: Overview

Conservation and Recreation Plan for Lost Dog Trails

Essential Question: How can we protect our Franklin Mountains for future generations?

Assignment Overview: In this scenario, you have selected by City Council to develop a management plan for an open space area located in the foothills of the Franklin Mountains called the Lost Dog Trails.
On May 4, 2019, the citizens of El Paso overwhelming voted to protect this open space from development by keeping the land in its natural state. In your management plan, you will decide how to balance recreation use while protecting the land's biological diversity. Your management plan must be professional and well researched. You will be given an opportunity to present your plan to the mayor and city council.

Experiential Project Based Learning Timeline:
Day 1: Introduction and Timeline

Day 2: Experiential Learning Trip to the Lost Dog Trails with student leaders from Libertas/SSC
Day 3: Conservation and Recreation Plan- Introduction and Stewardship Goals
Day 4: Conservation and Recreation Plan- Existing Conditions and Management Plan

Day 5: Editing and Revision Day (final product due Monday February 3rd)

The Lost Dog trails are 1,107 acres located adjacent and within the Franklin Mountains State Park offering recreational opportunities in an open space natural setting. In 2018, the mayor and city council voted to use a TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) in order to build nearly 10,000 homes along with commercial spaces on top of the Lost Dog Trails. Citizens of El Paso united to save this land by placing a ballot initiative which allowed voters to decide the fate of their mountain system. In May of 2019, 89% voted in favor to preserve the Lost Dog Trails.The city does have a long-range open space plan developed in 2007 which is used to guide green infrastructure goals. Additionally, the city has provided seven proposals on how to preserve the land. However, a management plan for this area in the Franklin Mountains has not been developed.

Election Day Results