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Professional Development: TAGT On Demand (GT Training): TAGT Registration


Note: The TAGT course library has been depleted.  There are no credits remaining for the district.  Anyone who registered for a course will still find it on their dashboard, but no new registrations are possible.  The district will NOT be purchasing more credits this year.

However, you may select courses from the "Alternative 6 Hour Update" tab to complete the required GT update.

New User Registration

To access TAGT On Demand, you will need to register for an account.

Note: TAGT On Demand will assign you a password to your username.
Make sure to write it down for future reference.

Note: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers work best with TAGT On Demand

Step 1: Click on LINK

Step 2: Type registration code and SISD email (see cheat sheets on left column)

Step 3: Type first name, last name, phone number. Don't worry about selecting course
just yet. You will select courses once you reach the Teacher Dashboard.

Step 4: Write your TAGT password down for future reference.


TAGT On Demand: Helpful Documents

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