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Anatomy- Skin Disorders: Introduction


Skin Disorders: A WebQuest

·       Students will understand the function and significance of the skin
·       Students will preview the anatomy of the integumentary system
·       Students will understand incidence and prevalence
·       Students will practice scholarly speech and presentations

You are a medical student at a local medical school. Your group of interns will be beginning a rotation in dermatology.  You are to each research a skin disorder you may encounter during your rotation.

Your task will be to research and select a skin abnormality that you may encounter in this area.  You will present your findings to the rest of the group so as to make them familiar with the ailment you have chosen.  You will present your findings in a PowerPoint that will include pictures of the affliction in different stages so that your colleagues will be prepared to identify the affliction at any stage.  You will further explain the main characteristics of the disease and its incidence and prevalence in this area.