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Anatomy- Skin Disorders: Process


The Process

1. You will scan the medical library resources as you investigate the causes of your assigned skin disorder.

2. Next, you will scan the medical journals and the web to find a skin disorder that interests you. IT MUST BE FOUND IN OUR REGION! Begin with the Center for Disease Control's database: 

3 Then, you will examine the MMWR, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

4. You will need to check the Texas health database to find the incidence and prevalence of the disease you are interested in our region:

5. Once you have narrowed down you selection you must do additional research on your disease using Consumer Health Complete and Health & Wellness to locate information in the science databases and library books

6. At this point you will start compiling a reference list WITH annotations in your own words, so that you are careful not to plagiarize!  You will gather at least 5 references—2 from the websites above and at least 3 more from the school’s databases.  You will use Cornell notes to annotate and include the summary. You will turn in your notes as evidence of your research.

7.  You will create a concept map on how your disease progresses. Include at each step what symptoms are appearing and specifically what is happening to the skin. You will turn in the concept map.  

8. Next, you will create the final product which is a medical brochure. You need to include each of the requirements described in "The Task" section above.