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Nature writers are constantly probing, traumatizing, thrilling, and soothing their own minds—and by extension those of their readers—in quest not only of consciousness itself, but of an understanding of consciousness. (Slovic).

Over the week, we will explore several nature writers and their influence on the human consciousness. On Thursday we will spend a full day at Guadalupe Mountains National Park exploring nature as creative writers. 


  • Transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Our Public Lands and Terry Tempest Williams
  • Nature Narrative Prose with Annie Dillard
  • Eco Rebel Edward Abbey and Experiential Creative Writing Trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park
  • Creative Writing Day- Finding Nature within the Human Consciousness

*Ms. Hardin's images of the Rio Grande from the vantage point of her kayak (Broad Canyon, Riverbend, Caballo Lake)