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Directions: In anticipation of our reading of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, we will be researching its historical context.
In  groups of 3-4, you and your designated group members will research the assigned topic and create a power point (or you can use another similar platform) to create a presentation to be shared with the class early next week.
Your group may choose to embed audio tracks or present live in class: ALL members MUST participate.
Sources: Your group must use at least 4 sources.  Citations required--> MLA format. Abbreviated Bibliography (Titles and Links). Use NoodleTools to create your Works cited page.

Presentations must be uploaded into Schoology.


  • Who were the key people?
  • What should your audience know and understand about your topic?  What impact did it have on the country (or world)?
  • When, specifically, did this event, movement, etc. happen within the 1920s?
  • Where did this event, movement, etc. take place? Nationwide? West Coast? East?
  • How did this topic contribute to the concept of The Roaring 20s?

Possible Modes of Delivery:

  • Website design
  • Interactive power point
  • Video: News report, panel discussion, “interview”
  • Podcast

***Work as much original content into your presentation as you can! Be creative!***

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