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ASARCO and Environmental Justice: Book Study: Copper Stain

Essential Question

Essential Question: How did ASARCO commit acts of environmental injustice by contaminating the soil, water, and air in El Paso and exposing workers to toxic, hazardous materials?

Over the next week, we will read Copper Stain and discuss the environmental toxic legacy of ASARCO, learn from ASARCO workers, and view the exhibit on Smeltertown.

Focused Notes for Copper Stain

Chapters  9, 10, 11
*files will be posted as we read the chapters


pollution- material in the natural environment that does not belong there, and that damages the environment and living things, including people

inequality- unfairness; a situation in which some people gain privileges simply because they are members of a group defined by race, wealth, sexual orientation or other factors. Those who are not members of those groups are denied the same privileges.

environmental justice- The fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, incomes and educational levels with respect to the development and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies

environmental racism- the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on people of color

Copper Stain by Elaine M. Hampton and Cynthia C. Ontiveros

Additional Readings