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How many planet Earth's does it take to live your lifestyle?

Essential Question: How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse-gas emissions that are a result of directly and indirectly from:

  • an individual's lifestyle,
  • a company's operations,
  • or the full life cycle of a product or service.
    The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Vol. 2, 2014.



Research for global, environmental, energy, and natural resources.

Science Online

Database focusing on all subjects within the discipline of math and science.

Science in Context

  • References content from scientific encyclopedias integrated with current news, images and videos to highlight real-world issues
  • Includes encyclopedia articles and full-text articles from newspapers

Newsbank: Science Source

Explore science sources, biographies as well as mathematics resources dating back to 1987.


Environmental Science Standards:
(9)  Science concepts. The student knows the impact of human activities on the environment.
(H)  analyze and evaluate different views on the existence of global warming;
(J)  research the advantages and disadvantages of "going green" such as organic gardening and farming, natural methods of pest control, hydroponics, xeriscaping, energy-efficient homes and appliances, and hybrid cars;

Lesson Activities

Before: Shoulder Partner Questions:
Do you consider yourself a consumer? How so? 

During: Ponder This:
​Write down interesting points, statistics, facts, etc.  from the video, The Story of Stuff

​After: Think, Pair, Share:
​Clearly everyone needs to consume to live. What kinds of consumption are necessary? What types of purchasing alternatives are there? What kinds of consumption are unnecessary?



How many planet Earths does it take to live your lifestyle?
Less than 1 Earth: I am a planet hero!: 0 votes (0%)
1 Earth: I live a green lifestyle: 0 votes (0%)
2 Earths: I think I lead an average first world lifestyle: 1 votes (100%)
3 Earths: I live an above average first worldlifestyle: 0 votes (0%)
4 Earths: I live an extravagent first world lifestyle: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

TASK: Calculate your carbon footprint while recording results onto the worksheet. Due at end of class.

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