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Yellowstone Wolves and the Trophic Cascade: 20 Years Later- Wolves in Yellowstone

You Decide!

You will decide how we will examine the impact of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone region. Please select one of the choices for this section of the unit. The lesson will be adapted based on which topic receives the most votes.

20 Years Later- Please choice one topic below
Wolves and the Endangered Species Act: 2 votes (11.11%)
O-Six and Her Legacy: 15 votes (83.33%)
Wolves and Humans: 1 votes (5.56%)
Total Votes: 18

The O-Six and Her Legacy

Yellowstone Pack Range
The Druid Peak Pack's Legacy-
Abuelo y Abuelita
The Birth of O-Six
The Brothers
Natal Family
Endangered Species Act
Hunting Permitted-Her Death
NYT Obituary

Snap Judgment Podcast: The O-Six Female