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Famous Journalist - Photographer Project: Photographers

Project Overview

History of Photography: Famous Photographer Project

You will choose one of the following photographers to research, and present an oral presentation to the class in a 90 second presentation. This assignment will give you the opportunity to delve into one of these photographers, or another one that you are interested in, and learn biographical information about the person.

In your presentation, you will cover the following topics:

  • How the person became a photographer
  • Characteristics of the photographer’s work
  • Development of photographer’s style
  • Photographer’s impact on photography
  • Achievements of the photographer
  • Works cited slide

See Assignment Guidelines for list of photographers and final product expectations.

Assignment Guidelines

Attached is the photographer project for photojournalism with the list of photographers to select from.


Photography field trip to White Sands National Park and El Paso Art Museum - December 8th

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