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Libertas Civics Camp 7.0: Guest Speakers and Programs

Libertas Civics Camp 7.0 Guest Speakers and Presentations



12:10 & 12:50 Case Briefings
Mr. Saul Anaya, Attorney and Libertas Coordinator
Ms. Amanda Stevens, Attorney and Libertas Teacher


9:30 District Attorney's Office
Ms. Carrie Antwine, Attonrey and former Libertas Teacher

10:15 District Director for Rep. Mary Gonzalez's Office
Ms. Abril Barraza (Libertas Class of 2018)


9:10 Precinct Chair and President of College Democrats (Texas State University)
Ms. Adriana Montoya (Libertas Class of 2020)

11:15 National Archives
Voting Rights, the Constitution, and Representative Government (Virtual)

Thursday 9:30 Women's Rights National Historical Park
Ranger Nicole Dibble presenting "Revolutionary Roots" (Virtual)
Friday 10:00-11:30 Student Presentations from Libertas Civics Camp Attendees to the Community