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Libertas Civics Camp 7.0: Life, Libertas and the Pursuit of Technology

Libertas Civics Camp 7.0 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Technology


Curriculum, Curation and Technology

Curating tools for schools without Libguides


You can use hyperlinks to turn your Power Point into an interactive tool.


Google slides also allows students to make a copy of a presentation and then edit it to meet the needs of your project.


Padlet allows you to curate information on a board.

Sway also allows for integration of different links, images and text to provide students with clear instructions on where to go and what to complete.

VR Speech

VR Speech is a great way to simulate public discourse. My lesson objective over the use of this technology included the following: Using the VR Speech application, we will practice your Congressional Hearing to describe and evaluate the evolution of U.S. Government since 1787.

AASL Best Websites

Look for video clips on specific skills and knowledge.

Vizia allows teachers to integrate questions and polls in a video for students to interact with directly.