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BOMB: The Race to Build-and Steal- the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon Nonfiction Book Study: Ch. 4 Tradecraft

This book study provides curated information and guided reading and assignments for the book BOMB by Steve Sheinkin

Essential Question

How did the contributions of physicists in the making of the atomic bomb affect the world as we know it?

Student Expectations

We will read chapter 4 “Tradecraft” and annotate the text by taking notes with our team. We will use our notes while playing a quizizz game to document historical contributions to science.. 

I will discuss with my team facts about "Tradecraft" and create a Somebody Wanted But So Then summary.


Summary Strategy

Somebody (Harry Gold)

Wanted (What did Harry Gold want?)

But (What was Harry Gold's problem?)

So (How did Harry Gold solve his problem?)

Then (What resolutions did Harry Gold make?)

Activity: Quizizz

Play the game at


Key Names, Places, and Ideas to Know

As you are annotating the text, focus on the following:

Uranium Committee
Race to build an atomic weapon
Harry Gold
Tom Black
Great Depression
​Pennsylvania Sugar Company
Joseph Stalin