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BOMB: The Race to Build-and Steal- the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon Nonfiction Book Study: Ch. 5 Rapid Rapture

This book study provides curated information and guided reading and assignments for the book BOMB by Steve Sheinkin

Essential Question

How did the contributions of physicists in the making of the atomic bomb affect the world as we know it?

Student Expectations

We will read chapter 4 "Tradecraft" & 5 “Rapid Rupture” with a partner and illustrate the scenes using a graphic novel template.

I will write a summary sentence about my scene in the book. 



After reading "Tradecraft" and “Rapid Rupture” with your partner(s), recreate the scenes from the two chapters using a graphic novel template below. Select "Tradecraft" by focusing pages 23-27 OR "Rapid Rupture" by focusing on pages 31-33. You will fully retell the scenes through illustrations and dialogue. Due at the end of the period.