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BOMB: The Race to Build-and Steal- the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon Nonfiction Book Study: Ch. 13 Chicago Pile, Ch 14 Operation Gunnerside, Ch 15 High Concentration, Ch 16 The Gatekeeper, Ch 17 The Gadget

This book study provides curated information and guided reading and assignments for the book BOMB by Steve Sheinkin

Essential Question

How did the contributions of physicists in the making of the atomic bomb affect the world as we know it?

Student Expectations

We will read five chapters in BOMB. Each table member will be responsible for assigned one chapter.


I will answer questions about my chapter and provide a chapter summary to my table partners.

6(C)  explain the societal impacts of scientific contributions


Ch. 13 Chicago Pile p. 70-74
- How much energy was produced by Fermi's experiment?
Ch. 14. Operation Gunnerside p. 75-80
- Why did the group parachuting into the Hardanger Plateau have so much trouble finding Poulsson's group?
Ch. 15 High Concentration p. 81-87
- Why did the teams dress as British soldiers?
Ch. 16 The Gatekeeper p. 90-96
- What changes in their community made the people of Santa Fe curious about what was going on at Lost Alamos?
Ch. 17 The Gadget p. 97-102
- What two problems confronted the scientist designing the Gadget?
- What three things did General Groves request that Oppenheimer NOT do?