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Professional Development: Schoology Mini-Workshops: Q & A Submitted From Teachers

Questions and Answers Submitted from Teachers

Teacher Questions from Preparing for Schoology (Dive-In) Course 

1) Q. Will we still use TEAMS? 
A. TEAMS is integrated into Schoology. Therefore, you may continue to use TEAMS (which is located on the left-hand side of the course page) if you would like for video conferencing. Currently, meetings can only be created on demand.

2) Q. Will co-teachers just be on one page together or will students have to go to both teacher's page? 
A. General Ed teachers will be able to add a Co-Teacher to his/her course. Together you both will be to post, create courses, build assignments and assessments. In addition, you both will have access to the Schoology gradebook which will be connected to Tyler (integration begins 21-22). The goal of this school year is to use Schoology as a pilot program. The recommendation is that Gen Ed. and Co-teachers use Schoology with at least one class starting next semester. November and December are training months. Full Tyler integration will launch in the 21-22 school year. 

3) Q. Is this going to take the place of Nearpod? 
A. Schoology will not replace Nearpod. Rather, Nearpod will be embedded within the Schoology platform for quick and easy access.  

4) Q. Are classes going to be automatically imported or do we have to create them? 
A. Tyler integration will begin in the 21-22 school year. The district is using the 20-21 school for training and exploration. Next semester, teachers will be encouraged to use Schoology with at least one class so that they get a "hands-on" feel for the many great instructional components Schoology offers. Schoology will be fully implemented district-wide at the beginning of the 21-22 academic year. 

5) Q. Is creating an assignment and creating an answer key similar to the process like go formative?  A.Yes, and no. Schoology allows its users great flexibility in the creation of testing, with a wider variety of testing options. Users also have the ability to create their own test banks. However, Schoology does not have test banks already created as you will find within Go formative.  Schoology does allow users to add Go Formative as an application within its LMS.  

6) Q. Will outside educational tools like Flipgrid and CommonLit integrate well? A. Flipgrid and CommonLit are free resources available to all teachers. We have not purchased them as a district. Teachers will have the option to add these free resources as external links within Schoology.  

7) Q. Do grades in Schoology automatically transfer to Tyler? 
A. Full Tyler integration will begin in the 21-22 school. After grades have been entered in Schoology, the teacher will have to initiate the grade transfer to Tyler.  Teachers also have the options as to which grades transfer from Schoology into Tyl

8) Q. Are we going to be uploading lessons and materials in both Schoology and Class Notebook on TEAMS? Please have this conversation with your administration and upload lessons plans where instructed by your administrator.  

9) Q. Are we trying to do everything online and eliminate paper? When grading is done is the point system from the teacher or computer/program generated. Will all tests be online from now on? What about essay writing work? 
A. The addition of Schoology does not mean everything will be online from nowhere on out. It is meant as a tool to provide a one-stop-shop for resources for students, parents, and teachers. Schoology is a learning management system meant to be used for documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs such as TEAMs, Edpuzzle, Nearpod, etc. Assessments may still be on paper after the pandemic is over. Paper was not part of the equation when Schoology was discussed.  However;  Schoology's grading system can be done in a variety of ways. The computer can grade or the teacher can grade. This entirely up to you.

10) Q. When are we implementing Schoology? 
A. Schoology will actually go online fully for the 21-22 school year, but you may begin using it at the start of the Spring semester. 

11) Q. When will our classes be available? 
A. Feb. 2020 - For teachers to view how this will appear
   July 2021 -  All classes, All students

12) Q. Will Eduphoria be linked to Schoology? 
A. No. Eduphoria and Schoology will work independently from one another.

13) Q. Will I be able to add two courses together? (Reading 1 & Practical Writing meet together for 3rd and 5th) 
A. Tyler will upload the courses individually so that the gradebook is accurate.  

14) Q. Will Eduphoria be linked with Schoology?

A. No. Eduphoria and Schoology will work independently from one another.

15) Q. If we all go into our classrooms for the 21-22 school year, will Schoology be used as an additional tool to use in the classroom? 
A. Schoology has been adopted as SISD’s Learning Management System (LMS). All grade levels and campuses will use Schoology for in-person or remote learning. 

16) Will attendance/grades be in one section for SPED students or will there be extra sections?

17) Will double (or triple, etc.) coded classes be linked as one class for assignments/grading purposes?

18) Will students that get added to your classes or are placed in your class from another school be automatically added into your class?

A. The student should be added to Schoology within 24 hours. However, the teacher has the option to add the student to Schoology manually.

19) CT courses are two classes that we need to combine on Teams.. Will they be combined automatically?

20) With a transfer student will grade be added or do we add it?

A. The transfer student's grades will be added to Tyler. Remember that Schoology is not the student's main gradebook. As the student accumulates new grades in Schoology, the teacher will choose which grades to add to the transferred grades into Tyler. This is why we tell students to look at Tyler for their grades, not Schoology.

21) Is Quizziz integrated in Schoology?

22) Will the Class Notebook from TEAMS be integrated?

A. Currently, the Class Notebook is not embedded into TEAMS. This is an option that is being worked on by the technicians. However, Schoology does offer OneNote Class Notebook.

23) How do you delete a class?

A. To delete a course in Schoology, you will go to Courses -- select My Courses -- Choose the course you wish to delete in the middle section and select the gear -- Scroll down to Delete -- Select Delete again

24) Will assignments in Schoology be in TEAMS also?

25) Will it be mandatory for all students to have laptops?  Asking for not all students bring in laptops .

A. It is highly recommended that students get a laptop; however, we cannot make it mandatory.

26) If we want to, can we set up all our classes in Schoology for January?

A. Yes. You can set up your courses at any time