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Professional Development: Schoology Mini-Workshops: Setting Up a Course In Schoology

Setting Up a Course

Creating a Course

My CoursesTo create a Course, select Courses, then select My Courses.

then select Create a Course (on the right-hand side of the screen)

create a course

The Create a Course menu will appear

Begin filling in the fields:

  • Course name must begin with AMH to reflect the campus name. For example; AMH_Blazer_BookClub
  • Section number may be left at 1 (this will be set by the district once classes begin in 20-21. You may alter it if you desire.
  • Choose your subject area
  • Select a marking period - for clubs, I recommend choosing PD
    • Choosing PD ensures the item will not disappear once the marking period is over
  • Click Create

new course

Note: Clicking advanced allows the teachers to create section codes for the classes.

Setting Up the Schoology Course Calendar


Step 1:  Click on Calendar (either on the left side menu or on the right side of the home screen in the upcoming window.

Step 2:  On the calendar, click on the date you would like to add an assignment.

Step 3:  Fill in the Create Event window with the relevant details.

  • Due date and time
  • A title that is meaningful to you and students

  • A description

Create Event

*If you want to add the actual assignment to the calendar event, you can...

  • Click the File button if the assignment is a file on your computer

  • Click the Resource button if you already created the assignment in your resource file of Schoology

Step 4:  Click Create.  It will now show as an event on your calendar.

Calendar image

Need to make a change?  

Step 1:  Click on the event on your calendar.

Step 2:  Click the Edit Item button. 

Editing calendar events

Step 3:  Make your changes

Step 4:  Click the Save Changes button.

Edit Event


Want to delete an event?  

Step 1:  Click on the event in your calendar.

Step 2:  Click View Item button.

Step 3:  Click the gear button in the top right corner.

Step 4:  Click Delete.

Delete Events




Grade Setup

Until Tyler is fully integrated with Schoology, teachers must set up their grading criteria. This will be done under the Grade Setup tab on the left side of the screen.

Please see the Grade Setup Tab in this LibGuide for further assistance.



Have you ever found a picture that you wanted to make a badge, only to realize it did not look so great? Use this resource as the solution to make perfect looking badges. This resource will also provide you with the ability to print out badges that you can show around the classroom to your students.

Sometimes this happens... Using the badge template


Step 1: Download one of the badge templates below (templates are available for download in the AMH_Getting Started Course at the very bottom of the middle section -- everyone may add the templates to their resources).

Step 2: Open the downloaded image you want and the badge template in an application such as Photoshop, Pixelmator, Preview, Paint, etc.

Step 3: On the downloaded image- select all. 

Step 4: Copy the image

Step 5: Select the badge template and paste the picture in. Resize and save.

Step 6: Upload this image to create a new badge.




Adding Members to the Course

Members may be added in two ways: 1) by sending the course Access Code  2) by manually adding members

To add members by using the course code, go to the Course Options page to locate the course Access Code and email the code to the user.


The user may be added manually by going to Members under the Course Options tab on the left of the screen. Select the Add a Member Button 

add members

Choose the correct campus.

Then select the person you would like to add to your course (you may need to type in the person's name or email). 

Setting Up a Course