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Professional Development: Schoology Mini-Workshops: Adding an Assignment

Adding an Assignment

How to Add an Assignment

To create an assignment, use the Add Materials button at the top of your Course Materials page. You can also access the Add Materials button from within a folder.

  1. Click Add Materials.
  2. Select Add Assignment. 
  3. Fill out the Create Assignment box.
    • Enter a Description. Here, you can enter directions your students will need to complete the assignment
    • Set a Due Date to place the assignment in the Course Calendar and Upcoming area. This will also enable Overdue notifications if a student fails to submit the assignment by the due date.
    • Select a Grading Category from the dropdown. If you do not select a grading category, it will default to Ungraded, and will not appear in your gradebook.
    • Select a Scale or Rubric from the dropdown menu. (You must have your Gradebook setup to complete this step)
    • You may also upload from OneDrive if you have installed the app from the App Center (4 dot matrix top right in gray menu bar)
  4. Use Options to turn on/off the following features:
    • Use Individually Assign to only display the assignment to a specific member of the course or a Grading Group.
    • Align Learning Objectives to add TEKS or you can create a Custom Learning Objective (for IEPs, ELLS, GT, etc.)
      Enterprise users: Once you have aligned your material with learning objectives, use the Mastery tool to track your students' progress
    • Lock prevents students from making submissions. You may want to lock the assignment after the due date has passed.
    • Enable Submissions: Click the dropbox icon to provide an area for students to submit work. You can opt to disable submissions if the assignment does not require something in return from the student - for example, reading homework.  
    • Published to student: opt to show or hide the assignment from the student view.
    • Grade Statistics displays the statistics for the assignments to students, which is located in an icon above assignment submissions.
    • Enable Comments: This allows students to comment on the assignment. 
    • Copy to Courses: Copy the assignment with the current settings and options to another course.
  5. Click Create to complete.