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Professional Development: Schoology Mini-Workshops: Discussion Boards

Adding a Discussion Board Written Steps

Creating a Discussion

Select the Material Tab

  • Add Materials
  • Add Discussion

Discussion board


When creating a discussion, be sure to give it a Title.

The description is optional. For some assignments, the descriptions will provide clarity to the students.




discussion tools

Schoology allows the teacher the flexibility to have students answer discussion boards in five different ways:

  • files
  • links
  • resources (such as database articles to substantiate claims)
  • audio/video recordings of themselves
  • external tools (such as Mackinvia books with highlighted passages and annotated passages)


Discussion Posts May Be Graded


Be sure to put in the due date

Enable Grading

Select a Category (Remember, your categories must be created first in your grade setup)

Select the Marking Period

Select the Grading Factor (Remember, your grading scales must be created first in your grade setup)

Save changes

Discussion Learning Objectives and Options

Schoology Discussion boards also allow assignments to be aligned to state standards by simply clicking on the Align button and searching the Learning Objectives.

The Options allow the teachers to 1) individually assign the assignment, 2) lock the assignment 3) publish the assignment to students 4) allow students to see other students comments before sharing their work 5) teachers share the discussion 6) copy to another course


Learning Objectives and Options

Adding a Discussion Board Video and Jamboard Video